a hot dog mobile careening off a cliff in slow motion

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tonight on unsolved mysteries: the time i drank a bottle of nyquil and lost track of time (i think i spent the whole day watching reruns of antiques roadshow) but the next day my ebay watch list was full of vintage portable typewriters and bootleg comme des garcons merch


Chumbawamba / No More War (1983)

Ugh this is the best. An acoustic version of this song was released on the Chumbawamba/Passion Killers split, Be Happy! Despite It All!, which you can listen to here.

look my blog icon in the eye and tell me that this isn’t GREAT

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nothing breaks my heart more than listening to the early chumbawamba discography and knowing what came after

Jan Van Riet

Jan Van Riet

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#tbt !
Immoral Roberts! 少年ナイフ! Beat Happening!


#tbt !

Immoral Roberts! 少年ナイフ! Beat Happening!


No Trend // Punker (1983)

Hey, don’t you all like Devo?
Don’t you all like the Go-Go’s?
Don’t you all do the pogo?

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style inspirations: grace jones, kyary, bowie, don johnson as he appears in miami vice, lou reed, vinz from la haine

what i look like on a regular basis: post-millenium edward james olmos, a birkin bag filled with old milk, a used q-tip, mark e. smith’s two remaining teeth

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(embracing mediocrity, smirking at the void, et. al.)

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Turquoise Days // Blurred (1984)

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i watched 2001: a space odyssey with my dog today and during the lengthy no-dialogue beepy sequences he would look at the television and then at me in absolute confusion